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Founded in 1992, the Al Faris Group has grown alongside the region by evolving to meet the rising demands of the industries. Over the years, we have become a trusted and reliable partner for Heavy Lifting Equipment, Heavy Haulage Transport and Temporary Power Generation services. With over 25 years experience serving the MENA region, we have played an integral role in the construction of numerous iconic projects such as The Dubai Metro, The Dubai Mall, Dubai International Airport and The Burj Khalifa, as well as serving the largest industries in the region such as the Dubai Dry Docks, Jebel Ali Free Zone, DUBAL & EMAL that have cemented our position as industry leaders and established us as a trusted partner in the region.
All Terrain Crane
LTM mobile cranes feature an all-terrain chassis, making them ideal for driving on public roads and for off-road use. Their main attributes are comfort, economy and safety.
Baby Crane
A crane mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires that is designed for pick-and-carry operations and for off-road and “rough terrain” applications. Outriggers are used to level and stabilize the crane for hoisting.
Crawler Crane
LR crawler cranes with lattice booms are used all over the world, wherever very heavy loads need to be moved safely and economically. Maximum mobility and economy is ensured by the compact dimensions and easy to transport weights of the crane components.
Rough Terrain Crane
Compact cranes with a single cab for both driving and lifting operation. This compact model has maneuverability, capable of accessing to narrow spaces with all wheel steering and can be driven on rough or uneven terrain with all wheel driving.
Telescopic Crawler Crane
LTR cranes are crawler cranes with telescopic booms. They feature short set-up times and particularly high flexibility in use. Since crawler cranes are not supported, they can be fast relocated on the job site and are then immediately again ready for operation. Another benefit is the fact they they can be moved whilst holding a full load.
Engineering and Technical Department
One of our core competencies is to provide our customers with professional consultation and technical assessments for all types of job requirements by our trained and qualified technical and lifting personnel. This ensures for safer lifting and minimises project costs which could occur due to poor job diligence and eventual improper selection of the required equipment for the job.
Workshop and Maintenance
With dispatch depots all around the region, we have setup dedicated workshops for service and maintenance. Service vehicles with trained and competent crews are available 24×7 to ensure efficient operation of all our equipment. Our state of the art maintenance facilities and trained technicians ensure the fastest response to ensure minimum downtime of our equipment. We also stock a large inventory of equipment parts to facilitate a quick fix wherever possible. Our service vehicles are equipped with all on-site required maintenance equipment and fitted with safety systems that make them capable for entry to restricted zones.
Power Plant
Al Faris Energy have successfully commissioned several multi-megawatt Power Plant under challenging time constraints and environments. Our diesel fuel based power plants provide excellent power quality and very quick power-up. We are capable of providing multi-megawatt power in a matter of days. This is possible due to our unique position in the market with in-house Cranes, Transport as well as Energy Equipment availability on rent. Al Faris is the only service provider offering this excellent value proposition to customers.
Light Tower
Our Tower Lights have a compact foot print along with single axle low speed towing trailing for mobility within work site. They have 1000W – 4 Nos. High Power Metal Hallide Lights with Hydraulic or Manual Mast Systems. The Generators are fuel efficient and provide 36 – 40 hours of operation in a full tank of fuel. They have a central lifting hook and forklift pockets for convenient loading and off-loading at site. They have a maximum height of 8m and illuminate an area of about 4000 Sq. M.
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