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Starcity Abu Dhabi Massage more popularly known as Extreme fun club is one of the oldest service providers of massage in Abu Dhabi. We started this agency in 2011 and now we ae proud to say that we have a customer base of 5200 respected customers. They visit us regularly and help us to become the number one agency in Abu Dhabi. Recently we have started our operations in Dubai as well and are growing. Our service levels and attitude makes us different from the rest of the agencies in Abu Dhabi. Our services are very discreet and completely private. For quick note we do have a database but that data is fully encrypted and not readable without our special in-house software. All our calls pass by professional staff to give you full information on types of services we offer. With staff from various nationalities we cater to gentleman who seek genuine services of massage in Abu Dhabi.
Full Body Oil Massage :
The entire body meets treatment with Massage Oil. Thereafter the masseur will use her experience to rub your body with special oils. This will give relaxation and stimulate your skin dead cells. This pattern of Massage in Abu Dhabi is perfect cure for various pains and sickness. This is also a good cure for long-term pains in men. This is the most widely sought form of massage service Abu Dhabi. Our Abu Dhabi girls also specialize in providing this form of massage service.
Aromatherapy Massage :
Aromatherapy Abu Dhabi Massage is in line with Swedish massage with difference being the essential oils to cater to special requirements and needs. Aromatherapy massage is best to kill stress and mental worries. The oils with special fragrances like Lavender, Oudh and related fragrances calms down mind. The aroma plays wonders when it merges with the massage strokes. This is further enhanced by the smiling and pleasing personality of our Abu Dhabi massage girls.
Prostate Massage :
Here the masseur will use her covered fingers or an instrument to massage your rectum. Medicated Oil covers the instrument or finger. Regular prostate Massage in Abu Dhabi reduces the risk of prostate cancer. This also serves as a treatment for genital pain and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It also improves overall erectile function. It increases seminal fluid and circulation as well.
Hot Stone Massage :
This is done with hot and smooth flat black stones. These stones are then placed on your body at certain pressure points. At times certain pressure helps loosen the tight muscles in your body. The pressure and the heat helps melt the air vacuum in your body that causes you pain and discomfort. This message comes in the class of medical massage but without any side effects. The warm feeling relaxes and eases the pain as the air vacuum dries up and results in compressing the muscles that has expanded due to air in it. This Massage Abu Dhabi spa technique proves very effective to relieve muscle pains and muscle tensions.
Starcity Abu Dhabi Massage
Starcity Abu Dhabi Massage brings to you the best services of various types of massage in Abu Dhabi. Call us on +971509220398 for inquiries and details. We have professional women massage staff from various countries to suit your needs.
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