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In less than an hour, Metamindz Computer Adaptive Test will tell you where your child’s Math or English problems are and what you need to do next.

A Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) will accurately establish your child’s learning needs. This means home tutoring with a private tutor can be much more effective and ensure your time and money are well spent. A CAT test is like an x-ray versus relying on just a physical exam by a doctor. Like an x-ray, a CAT pinpoints pain points your child is feeling in Math or English. Relying solely on a tutor’s judgment can cost you extra time or money. A CAT gives you the ability to have an informed discussion with a tutor and set the right expectations.

Why You Should Do A CAT Test Before Any Tutoring

The starting point for any tutoring must be determined very accurately so that your time and money is well spent. Because Math and English learning, in all curricula, occurs across several domains (e.g. Math has 4 major domains and 27 sub-domains), It is not humanly possible for any tutor to determine the starting level in each of these domains accurately. Only a CAT can do this and top schools in the world use CAT testing.

What You Get

In a detailed 12 page report, the test will identify what your child knows and what he/she does not know. In other words, the boundary between what is well understood and where instruction needs to start. This is the point where your home tutoring must start from. 

How to Get A CAT

Only Metamindz Dubai offers CAT testing. You can get a CAT test done in any of our three convenient locations.  You can have a CAT test done the same day and get a full report. Each subject (Math or English) takes 30-60 minutes. Please visit www.metamindz/cat-test/ for more details or contact us at the following numbers.

JLT Center: (04) 368 5604 (same day testing)
Motorcity Center: (04) 360 8635 (same day testing)


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