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Metamindz IELTS Prep

Metamindz IELTS Prep focuses exclusively on preparing students for the test. Because students have different needs and learn in different ways, we offer three types of courses.
Metamindz IELTS Prep Objectives
get familiarized with the exam format and exam strategy
develop exam skills (e.g. prediction, speed reading, essay
organization, extended speech etc.)
develop proficiency in grammar and vocabulary
improve listening and comprehension skills
build fluency and confidence in speaking and pronunciation
improve student writing skills
real exam simulation and practice with feedback
exam taking tips and techniques

Dubai SAT Prep – get more at Metamindz
Comprehensive SAT Prep In Dubai
We improved scores for students when other tutors did not
While others focus on lectures, our SAT Prep spends more time on problems jointly with students to apply concepts, build fluency and show SAT traps.
While others make you take tests and do not review them comprehensively, our SAT Prep spends time reviewing tests so you can understand your mistakes and avoid them in future.
While others give you tips, Metamindz SAT Prep connects strategies with score target for individualized test management.

Using innovative techniques, Metamindz learning architects ensure students develop conceptual understanding and computational fluency as well as real life problem-solving skills. Each student works on a learning path that has been designed to suit his/her individual needs, based on the adaptive diagnostic test that is the first step towards individualized learning. We help children love Math.
We aim to improve children’s interest and proficiency in English Reading and Writing to build necessary literacy skills in grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. Based on an initial comprehensive diagnostic, individual learning paths are designed for students. Our state-of-the-art programs sourced from the US, ensure children enjoy their learning at MetaMindz.
A comprehensively designed course aimed at helping students to build a strong science foundation, covering subjects up to High School. With our individualized approach, we provide choice and flexibility to suit students of different abilities, allowing them to learn at their own pace. Course material is made relevant and interesting, preparing students for the important academic challenges ahead.
State-of-the-Art approach:
· Individualized Learning Path

· Detailed and in-depth

· Aided by multimedia

Fun and engaging

currently in JLT, Motorcity and DIP
contact: Mr. Omer 0505585753
Miss Irum: 0566904089

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