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Today the Internet is a Global Economy. Billions of dollars of transactions are passed through the Internet on a daily basis in the form of company Sales, Internet Banking transactions, Strategic Company Emails and other highly classified bits of Information. Numerous devices are used to connect to the Internet including Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Mobile phones even video games machines and fridges are now connected to the global network. 

Money will always attract those with financially motivated criminal intentions and the Internet is no exception. ID theft, spam, and fraud are just a few financial crimes that happen online. While there has always been a mischievous portion of the Internet user base, those responsible for financial crimes are more systematic, persistent, and professional in their activities and consequently more dangerous and arguably more damaging.
The anonymity of the Internet has allowed predators to utilise the internet to deceive our children and put them into dangerous situations.

With this in mind, we all need to be diligent when receiving any electronic communication through email, instant messaging (IM), text messaging (SMS), etc. We should be suspicious of communications from people we do not know avoid less than reputable web sites, use and protect the secrecy of our complex passwords, and keep our computers and communication devices up to date and patched. Criminals typically attack the easiest, most defenseless targets. By following good security practices and staying aware of new and existing threats, we can reduce our exposure to these threats and thus lower our chances of being victimised online.
Let us show you how to secure your Business and your home.


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